Episode 2

Published on:

8th Nov 2023

S6E2: Dan Sanguineti, Filmmaker

This episode, Henry chats with filmmaker Dan Sanguineti inside the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Watson. Conversations range from the AIE to Dan's experiences in his profession as a person with autism and ADHD, as well as Canberra's current filmmaking landscape.

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About the Podcast

Canberra: Conversations in the Capital
A podcast about Canberrans, for Canberrans
A podcast about Canberrans, for Canberrans.
During his time working with Questacon and ABC Radio, Henry Xu met and chatted to some of the best the Nation's Capital has to offer. Now, he's ready to showcase them all.
Through 20-30 minute interviews, Henry has conversations with a plethora of Canberrans- from career retrospectives with Tim the Yowie Man, to life stories with Stew Thaung from the Mandalay Bus.
Recorded throughout the city, in locations relevant to his guests, this podcast allows the people of Canberra a chance to learn more about the town they live in and adore.

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Henry Xu

Throughout the last decade, Henry Xu remained a constant within a variety of professional Canberra circles, from science communication, to media communication, to secondary education.
Henry has cultivated a professional portfolio ranging from public-facing performer to customer-service excelling representative, to tutoring and program-coordinating mentor. A Canberra local since the turn of the millennium, Henry hosts the Canberra: Conversations in the Capital podcast, presenting intimate interviews with prominent people throughout the city. Further, Henry has made guest appearances on ABC Radio Canberra’s Drive and several forum panels for discussions about news surrounding the Nation’s Capital.